Friday, July 11, 2008

2008 Stag PanAm Junior Championships -- it's all about the Bay Area girls!

2008 Stag PanAm Junior Championships went down in Halifax, Nova Scotia, (that's in Canada, if you didn't know) from July 7-10.

Ariel Hsing (pictured left) won the PanAm Junior Girls' title! Way to represent the Bay, the girls, and the US, Ariel! 12-year-old Ariel was one of the youngest players at the tournament. Yep, it's all about the Bay Area girls -- we used to train together at the Palo Alto Table Tennis Club.

Lily Zhang (pictured left), another Bay Area/Palo Alto youngun (also 12 years old) and one of my faves, also did quite well. Although she didn't make it to the final round robin, she did win the consolation round, grabbing the #11 spot. See? It IS all about the Bay Area girls.

Unfortunately, the American junior boys didn't perform quite as well as the girls. Southern California's Steven Chan placed 13th, and St. Louis's Justen Yao placed 17th. Unfortunately, Justen had torn his tricep while playing at the US Open in Vegas, so he was not in 100% tip-top shape. Hope you get better, Justen!

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Click here for the full results from the Canadian Table Tennis Association's website.


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