Thursday, July 3, 2008


I used to do gymnastics as a kid...but I definitely did not bust out the gymnastics moves while playing ping pong, like one of the guys does in this video! This video is from an exhibition game from a long time back when ping pong players used to wear super tight and short shorts to show off those hot man legs (no offense if you still wear those; I understand that you need the freedom and ability to move quickly, but sometimes too much leg is too much leg!). Anyhow, this was also back when players were allowed to hide their serves. In 2000, ITTF passed a rule stipulating that serves could NOT be hidden by any body part or article of clothing between the point of contact between ball and racket and the two net posts. That law was passed at the same time as when ITTF also changed the ball size from 38mm in diameter to 40mm in diameter. There was a big commotion -- and, man, it was 8 years ago! Time flies.

As you'll notice in the video, there are two very different playing styles. Both players hold their rackets with shakehand grips. The guy closer to the camera has an aggressive, forehand-dominated, looping style. The guy farther from the camera is more of a defensive player, who prefers to chop (give the ball underspin), fish (just getting the ball back over the net with a little bit of topspin), and lob (getting the ball really high up in the air). Of course, this is an exhibition game, so the two players are not actually playing their hardest, and all of the gymnastics and theatrics are not too commonplace in a real match.

And a shoutout to nukemdomis, this video is for you! And thanks to everyone who has been visiting my site :).


nukemdomis said...

That was one of the very first table tennis videos I watched online. The Topshot Table Tennis blog is always looking for more table tennis skill videos that are entertaining to watch.